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MCM Ball

Calibration Marker)

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Marker Specifications:

Diameters Available: 1 inch, 25mm, custom. *Note: Diameter is held to +/- 0.001 inches from what size is ordered.

Material:  ABMA grade 1000 440A stainless steel

Weight 21-23 grams (dependent on exact size)


MCM Product Advantages:

  • Light Weight – 65% lighter than solid balls, making it far less likely to displace due to patient movement, and easy to attach.

  • Easy Calibration - the highly accurate dimensions of our calibration markers, combined with their precise spherical shapes, permits exact calibrations from any angle.  No need for special positioning.
  • 100% USA manufactured from 440A stainless steel; which is the same material used in many dental and surgical instruments.
  • High surface hardness - discouraging any distortion of the dimensions when stored or dropped. 
  • Identification - these balls can be laser marked with their exact size, your company’s logo, serial numbers, and/or any information you might need.