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25mm MCM Balls - 6 Pack 1 inch (25.4mm) T-Lock Stand 1 inch Flex Stand, Basic Model 25mm Flex Stand, CLAMP Model - 5 Stands
Our Price: 175.00
Our Price: 270.00
Our Price: 245.00
Our Price: 980.00
Our MCM Spheres are light weight (21 grams) weighing 1/3 the weight of solid markers. Every MCM is laser engraved (not shown in picture) to provide size and lot number accuracy and traceability.  Item #MCM-625

The T-Lock Stand was designed specifically allow the calibration marker to be set at the height of the greater trochanter, and yet still appear within the narrow field of the radiograph. By first adjusting the MCM horizontal arm to the desired height outside of the field, and then locking it in place, the entire stand can be moved to the inner thigh area where the radiograph can be taken with confidence.The marker height locks in place and will not move if bumped or jarred.

Fully positional 1 inch MCM Stand that allows for easy positioning. Made of radiolucent material, this stand has a 25mm MCM permanently attached.  The 18" radiolucent gooseneck permits discreet placement of the MCM (e.g. between the thighs of a patient) to avoid embarrassment by the patient.  Custom lengths of the gooseneck can be accommodated up to 30" at no additional cost. 25mm Flex Stand, CLAMP Model - 5 Stands.